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URS Wheel Mouse Scroll Wheel Support

Controlling Plug-ins has never been easier!

Tired of trying to move knobs with your mouse?

Well we've got news for you !

With our new Wheel Mouse Scroll Wheel Support for Mac OSX,
you simply place the mouse cursor over the knob,
and without clicking to enable you just
move the wheel mouse scroll wheel to adjust the knob.

Works on Knobs - Sliders - Buttons - Switches - Numeric Windows!

The URS Wheel Mouse Scroll Wheel Support
works with Mighty Mouse, Microsoft, Logitech and Kensington Wheel Mice.

Wheel Mouse Scroll Wheel Resolution
The Wheel Mouse Scroll Wheel Support follows the resolution
of the knob, slider, button, switch or numeric window's resolution.

Example - Wheel Mousing the Cut and Boost knobs or sliders will have a .1db resolution.
Each click of the wheel mouse scroll wheel moves the knob or slider .1db.

Holding the option key will enable a 10x multiplier.

Wheel Mouse Scroll Wheel support compatibilty

  • Everything Bundle v4.0 TDM and RTAS for Mac OSX
  • Classic Console EQ Bundle v1.22 for TDM, RTAS and Audio Units
  • Windows XP support coming soon!
  • VST Mac OSX and WinXP support coming soon!
Upgrade now - it's free!  It's easy!

Login to our web site and download
the upgraded installers from our Downloads page.


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