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iLok Transfer
How do I transfer my URS License asset(s) from www.ilok.com to my iLok?
1. Log in to your www.iLok.com account. If you do not have a iLok.com user ID see here.
2. Click on the tab that is entitled "Manage" and from the sub menu select "Download Licenses"
3. You will see a list of Pending Licenses on that page. Your URS License assets should be listed here.
4. If your URS License assets are not listed, login to our web site and from the Welcome page select "Request Demo Licenses" or "Register Products".
5. Select the pending URS asset(s) you want to transfer by clicking the box on the left of each available License asset.
6. If the check mark boxes are not visible, click on the "Synchronize" button at the bottom of that page.
7. At the bottom of the page select your iLok from the list .
8. To initiate the transfer click on the button labeled "Download Assets".  Please do not remove your iLok until the transfer is complete.
9. When the transfer is complete, you will get the message "Download Assets Completed". Click "OK". Your iLok is now authorized.

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