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URS TDM 48-bit DP versions Explained

There are now two versions of each of the URS TDM EQ's.
The standard 24-bit TDM version and the DP 48-bit TDM version.

What is a TDM DP version?
DP stands for 48-bit Double Precision Processing.
It is only availble for the TDM versions.

Do the DP versions sound Different?
Yes, That is another reason for the two different versions.
The DP versions have a fidelity not found in the standard 24-bit TDM non DP versions
The DP versions do not clip internally as easily as the 24-bit TDM non DP versions beacuse the dyanmic range of the DP versions is double.

Why are there two versions?
We felt it would be best to keep the former TDM 24-bit non DP versions for those currently working on a mixes started with TDM 24-bit non DP versions.

How efficient are the DP versions?
The TDM DP versions use twice the DSP as the former TDM 24-bit non DP version. With the Accel card the DP versions are still very efficient.

Why are there no DP versions of the URS Compressors?
That is because the Compressors already utilize 48-bit Double Precision Processing

Are the DP versions twice as good as the standard 24-bit versions?
The best way to understand the difference between 24-bit and 48-bit processing is to read
Digidesign's The Pro Tools 48-Bit Mixer - A Digidesign white paper by Gannon Kashiwa here
You will notice that dynamic range is twice as good but resolution is squared.

Where are the RTAS DP versions?
The RTAS versions use 32-bit floating / 64-bit Double Precision Processing.

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