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URS 1980 Classic Console Compressor Limiter


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Copy Protection:
 iLok (sold separately)


TDM $319.99 Special $49.99
Mac OSX -WinXP-Vista

Native  $159.99 Special $49.99
Mac OSX -WinXP-Vista

  • Compressor and separate "Brick Wall" Limiter 
  • Internal Side Chain with High and Low Pass Filtering
  • Stereo, Mono and Multi-Mono
  • High Res 48 bit Double Precision TDM processing
  • High Res 64 bit Double Precision Native processing
The URS 1980 Classic Console Compressor digitally recreates a popular 1980's British Console Buss Compressor.

Great on individual tracks, groups and the Master Buss! 

URS 1980 Compressor/Limiter/Sidechain version

URS 1980 Compressor only version

The URS 1980 Classic Console Compressor features digital recreation of  the IC input and voltage controlled gain reduction amplifier (VCA) characteristics. 
Snappy and aggressive!

High Res 48 bit "Double Precision" processing
The URS Classic Console Compressors TDM versions feature Hi Resolution 48-bit TDM and 64-bit RTAS 
"Double Precision" processing for increased clarity, headroom and unparalleled gain reduction.  Hi Resolution "Double Precision" processing helps to avoid internal clipping in the Digital Domain. 

Independent Compressor and Limiter sections
The Compressor and Limiter sections are totally independent of each other.  Both feature separate variable Attack, Release and Threshold controls. 

Built in Internal Side Chain Filtering
The Internal Side Chain High and Low Pass Filters fine tune how narrow or "Broad Band" the URS Classic Console Compressor will affect the program material.  Both Filters completely overlap to dial in problem frequencies.

Listen Key
The Listen Key is after the Filters section. The Listen Key allows you to monitor the signal being sent to the Gain Reduction detection circuit. 

Signal Flow explained
The URS Classic Console Compressors signal flow inserts the Gain Makeup control before the final Limiter.  This is the secret  to how hard you can hit the final "Brick Wall" Limiter.  The URS Classic Console Compressors utilize Feed-back gain sensing.  Feed-back gain sensing gives Compression and Limiting a servo type of control.  See the detailed signal flow diagram below.

Classic Sound with Modern Features
The URS Classic Console Compressor adds other powerful modern features such as totally variable Compression Ratios, Attack and Release times. 

Two Different Plug-ins 
Two different URS 1980 Classic Console Compressor plug-ins are included in this bundle. 

The 1980 version includes :
• Compressor/ Limiter / Side Chain version 
• Compressor only version 

The 1980 Compressor /Limiter / Side chain version  has a modern "Brick Wall Limiter that was not found on the vintage unit. The 1980 Compressor /Limiter / Side chain version is also well suited for drum Sub groups, Aux sends (TDM versions) and highly recommended especially on the Mix Bus. 

The 1980 Compressor only version is also 3x more DSP efficient.  The 1980 Compressor Only version will act as a Limiter when the ratio is set at 10:1 and above
URS Classic Console Compressor Signal Flow at a Glance 

  • Pro Tools 8.x and Snow Leopard OSX 10.6.x compatibility
  • Pro Tools 7.4.x and Leopard OSX 10.5.x compatibility
  • Pro Tools 8.x and Tiger OSX 10.4.x compatibility
  • Pro Tools 7.x.x and Tiger OSX 10.4.x compatibility
  • Pro Tools 6.9.2 and Tiger OSX 10.4.x compatibility
  • Pro Tools 6.9.2 and Panther OSX 10.3.9 compatibility 
  • Pro Tools 6.7 and Panther OSX 10.3.9 compatibility 
  • Pro Tools 6.2.3 and Jaguar 10.2.8 compatibility 
  • Pro Tools 7.x.x M-Powered version compatibility
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 support! 
  • Full Pro Tools TDM support for Pro Tools|HD Accel, Pro Tools|HD
  • Full 192 kHz support for TDM, RTAS and AudioSuite versions 
  • Full ProControl, Control|24, Command|8 and Digi 002 support 
  • Full ICON Console Control Surface support — including center section Dynamics panel 
  • Supports Mbox, Digi 003, Digi 002, Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools|HD Accel and M-Audio Interfaces.
  • Audio Units support for Logic Pro 9.x thru 6.x, Digital Performer 7.x thru 4.x, Bias Peak 6.x thru 4.x, Abelton Live 8.x through 6.x, Final Cut Pro and more! 
  • VST support for Mac and PC Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Abelton Live, Acid, Sound Forge, Reaper, Wavelab, Bias Peak and more!
     URS 1980 Compressor Specifications
  • Input Level
  • Gain Make up Output Control
  • Separate Limiter and Compressor Threshold controls
  • Variable Limiter Attack Time .1ms - 50ms.
  • Variable Limiter Release Time 10ms - 1500ms
  • "Brick Wall" Limiter Ratio fixed at 1000:1
  • Variable Compressor Attack Time 1ms - 50ms.
  • Variable Compressor Release Time 100ms - 1500ms.
  • Selectable Compressor Ratio 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1. 6:1, 8:1, 10:1, 20:1. Infinity
  • Variable Hi-pass Filter  Side chain @ 12dB per Octave 20hz to 5K
  • Variable Lo-pass Filter  Side chain @ 12dB per Octave 20Khz to 1k
  • External Side Capability for ProTools TDM systems and other Host Applications where supported
  • Gain Reduction Meter
  • In / Out Bypass switch - selectable Limiter, Compressor or both
  • Line input Trim offers -10 to +20 gain variable to .1db
  • Plasma Style Input and Output VU Meters
  • Compressor/Limiter/Sidechain Instances- 9 per HD Accel chip and 4 Instances per HD chip and 2 per MIX chip
  • Compressor only Instances - 17 per HD Accel chip and 8 Instances per HD chip and 4 per MIX chip


Copy Protection: iLok (sold separately) 

Maximum Supported Sample Rate:192 kHz

Plug In Compatibility Overview

Mac OS9
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Intel Mac

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