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Joanne and Bobby Nathan
Joanne and Bobby Nathan have over 26 years experience in the professional recording industy

In 1978 Joanne and Bobby Nathan founded
Unique Recording Studios
in the heart of Times Square NYC 
and churned out Grammy winning 
Multi Platinum and Gold recordings
until they opted to close the studios in 2004 
and pursue developing plug-ins.

Many of today's top enigineers 
learned their skills 
and became world famous while working at Unique Recording Studios!
Chris Lord Alge, Tom Lord Alge, Bob Rosa

Joanne and Bobby Nathan circa 1986 
receiving the Ampex Golden Reel Award for 
Steve Windwood's "Back In the Highlife" LP

Unique Recording Software 
debuted at the 2003 AES show and
was nominated for Outstanding Achievement Signal Processing Technology Software in 2004

Unique Recording Studios 
was nominated for 
Outstanding Recording Studio Facility 

Bobby was the first to sample James Brown's screams on the Emulator I and debuted them at the 1983 AES show for 
EMU Sytems.

Check out Bobby Nathan's
 Sample This web page


Bobby Nathan  has been a leading design consultant
since 1982 for the following:

Akai (S900, S950 and MPC60)
Dr. Click
Digidesign Sound Designer - Digidesign's first product
EMU (Drumulator, Emulator, Emulator II, SP12 and SP1200)
Fairlight (Fairlight II and Fairlight III)
Forte Midi Piano
JL Cooper
Korg (M1, 01W and Trinity)
Kurzweil (Kurzweil 250)
Mark of the Unicorn (Performer 1.0)
Octave Plateau (Voyetra 8)
PPG Wave and Wavestation
Publison Infernal 90
Roland (SBX-80)
Roger Linn  (Linn 9000)
Sequential Circuits (Prophet5, Prophet 600)
Southworth Total Recall
Yamaha (DX1, DX5, DX7, DX711, RX11, TX816, REV1 and REV7)
plus Midi development with JL Copper for the following :
Arp 2600, Minimoog, Oberheim OSX, OB-8, Oberheim 8 voice modular
Joanne and Bobby Nathan's
Unique Recording Studios
has recorded 100's of 
Platinum and Gold records 
between 1978 - 2004. 

Read the article at Mix Online
Unique Recording Studios
August 2000

Jack Douglas behind our Dual Neve 8068

In January 1983 we opened "Midi City", the world's first Midi recording studio. 

Midi City was home to many electronic musicians including : 

Arthur Baker, Bob James, C&C Music Factory,
Jeff Lorber, John Robie, Kid Creole, Patrick Moraz, 
Phillipe Saisse, Robie Kilgore, Stuart Copeland, 
Steve Winwood, The System and Vangelis.

Read the October 2003 
Mix Magazine TEC Awards 
20 year aniversary article 
Reflections on 20 Years of Audio Technology Innovations


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