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iLok - FAQ
What is an iLok?

The iLok smart key enables you to carry all of your authorizations with you wherever you go using a single key. It's portable. Your iLok enables you to easily move authorizations from one computer to another. Use your software at home, at the office, at a studio, or at a friend's house. Authorizations are stored in the safe, secure iLok -- not on a computer or hard drive. iLok is immune to problems caused by machine upgrades, disk maintenance, hardware failures, and software updates.

    iLok Step by step Video Instruction courtesy of

  Apple Quicktime Required

1. Create an iLok.com account
2. Register your iLok at iLok.com
3. Transfer assets to your iLok @ iLok.com

Do I need an iLok before purchasing URS plug-ins?
No. You can purchase URS plug-ins without owning an iLok but you will not be able to use the plug-ins
until you own an iLok.

Where can I purchase an iLok?
If you purchased a Pro Tools HD or HD Accel system, an iLok is included with your system.
If you have a Native system (Pro Tools Mix, Digi002, Digi001, MBox, Logic Audio, DP, Cubase, Nuendo, etc.) you will need to purchase an iLok.
URS does not sell the ilok. It can be purchased from Digidesign's Web store or most dealers for $40.00 plus shipping.

How does URS transfer license assets to iLok.com?
We deliver your license assets electronically to iLok.com when you register your product or when you request a demo license .
1. Login to our site. If you are not registered to login,  please register here.
2. On the Welcome page select either "Register Products" or "Request Demo Licenses".

Quick Overveiw
After you have purchased your iLok you plug it into your computer's USB port.
Next, login into your iLok.com account and register your iLok online.
Then transfer your URS license asset(s) to your iLok.

How do I register my new iLok at iLok.com?
1. Create an iLok.com User ID at www.iLok.com
2. Log in to your iLok.com account.
3. If you need a newer version of the iLok Client software, you will be prompted.
4. Insert your new iLok into your computers USB port
5. Select "Manage" from the sub menu and select "View iLoks".
6. Next click on "Synchronize".
7. You iLok will now be registered to your iLok account. You can rename it if you wish.

Can I use iLok.com on my Intel Macintosh?
Although the iLok.com Client Helper does not yet support Intel Macintosh, you can still use iLok.com in a web
browser that is built as a Universal binary (e.g. Safari).
To do so, you must force the browser to run under Rosetta by following these steps:
1. Click the application's icon in the Finder, such as Safari's icon.
2. From the Finder File menu, choose Get Info (or press Command-I).
3. Select the checkbox named "Open using Rosetta."
4.Close the Get Info window.

For more information concerning this issue, please see the following Apple Knowledge Base article:

How do I transfer my URS License asset(s) from www.ilok.com to my iLok?
Make sure you iLok is registered. If not follow the steps in section above.
1. Log in to your iLok.com account.
2. Click on the tab that is entitled "Manage" and from the sub menu select "Download Licenses"
3. You will see a list of Pending Licenses on that page. Your URS License assets should be listed here.
4. If your URS License assets are not listed, login to our web site and from the Welcome page select "Request Demo Licenses" or "Register Products".
5. Select the pending URS asset(s) you want to transfer by clicking the box on the left of each available License asset..
6. If the check mark boxes are not visible, click on the "Synchronize" button at the bottom of that page.
7. At the bottom of the page select your iLok from the list .
8. To initiate the transfer click on the button labeled "Download Assets".  Please do not remove your iLok until the transfer is complete.
9. When the transfer is complete, you will get the message "Download Assets Completed". Click "OK". Your iLok is now authorized.

I have forgotten my iLok.com user ID and your registration page will not let me complete registration. Can you help?
When you register, we check to see that you have a valid iLok.com User ID. If it is invalid, you cannot complete registration.
If you have forgotten your iLok.com User ID, you can request it from iLok.com here:
It will be emailed to you.

How can pre USB Macs use the iLok USB dongle?
Computers that are pre USB can use the new iLok copy protection by installing a PCI card that has USB ports - such cards typically run about $20-$40 (USD). For more information, visit the iLok web site at www.iLok.com.

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