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Fequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten my iLok.com user ID and your registration page will not let me complete registration. Can you help?
When you register, we check to see that you have a valid iLok.com User ID. If it is invalid, you cannot complete registration.
If you have forgotten your iLok.com User ID, you can request it from iLok.com here:
It will be e-mailed to you. Then try registering again.

I have registered to download the Demo Versions.
Where do I download the software?
Please Login and on the Welcome page select Downloads.
If you have DEMO Licenses
Please download the DEMO versions
They are located on the Downloads page 
in the section with the Blue background.
The Demo versions include TDM, RTAS for MBox, Digi001 and Digi002 users .
There are separate Audio Units and VST DEMO installers for the Classic Console EQ Bundle (A and N series).

Important - Don't forget to install the Pace Interlok Extensions and ReBoot!

Do NOT download the NATIVE versions!
They are located on the Downloads page 
in the section with the gray background like this.

I only want to Demo, Rent  or Update the Classic Console EQ Bundle or install a single URS plug-in , Do I have to download the Everything EQ Bundle?
Please download the Everything EQ Bundle for your License and Operating System. Select Custom Install and select only the URS plug-ins you wish to install.

My Studio Computer does not have Internet access. How do I authorize my iLok?
Take you iLok and plug it into any computer with a USB port and internet access to authorize it @ iLok.com

Can I use the Challenge and Response method to authorize my iLok?
Unfortunately Not. We are using the latest version of Pace copy protection which requires an iLok asset from iLok.com.

I did not receive the iLok.com Demo asset.
After you have registered at our site for the Demo version,
Login and on the Welcome page select Request Demo Licenses.
If you supplied the incorrect iLok.com User ID, then your demo asset could not be delivered.

Why did the Audio Units Validation Fail?
Here are the reasons why you will get a failed Audio Units Validation

What is the difference between the TDM versions and the Native versions?
The TDM version includes TDM, RTAS and Audiosuite.
The Native version has RTAS and Audiosuite only and does not include TDM.

Will the Native versions have the same great sound and features as the TDM version?
Yes the RTAS, Audio Units and VST in the TDM version and Native version are the same.
They both support 192k.

I have a TDM system (i.e. - MIX, HD or HD Accel), can I purchase the Native version?
Yes. The Native version will run with Mix, HD, HD Accel Pro Tools Systems.

I have purchased the TDM version. Can I run RTAS, Audio Units and VST versions.
Yes the TDM version includes TDM and RTAS versions.
The  are separate Audio Units and VST installers for TDM licensed users.
You can use TDM on some tracks and RTAS on others.

I have purchased the URS plugins, can I use my license to run both OS9 and OSX versions?
Yes, your license will allow you to run the OS9 Version, the OSX version and the Windows XP version.

I have rented the URS plugins, can I apply my rental fees towards the purchasing a retail licensed version?
Yes, the total amount of your rental fees will be deducted from the purchase price of a retail licensed version in our online store. More info here.

I have purchased the URS N series Equalizer and would like to upgrade to the Classic Console Equalizer Bundle.
Is there an upgrade path?
Yes the cost is $449.99. Go to our Online Store and select Upgrades.

I have purchased the Classic Console Equalizer Native or Native Bundle.
Is there an upgrade path to the TDM versions ?
Yes, Go to our Online Storeand select Upgrade TDM

I have purchased a URS plugin Bundle or individual plug-in secondhand.
Please read our Transfer of Ownership Policy here.

I clicked on "Transfer Asset" and the asset file goes to the desk top and does not complete the transfer.
Make sure you have installed the iLok.com Client software.
Make sure you have registered and inserted your iLok to complete the transfer.
If the procedure above fails please try it again.

My iLok is defective or is broken. How can I replace the licenses.
We suggest enrolling in iLok.com's "Zero Downtime Program" (ZDT).
Once enrolled in ZDT, iLok.com is very quick about getting up and running with temporary licenses.
If you FedEx your iLok to iLok.com they usually get a replacement one back to you within 48 - 72 hours.

My iLok has been lost or stolen. How can I replace the licenses.
We have no way of verifying your loss, so you will have to purchase replacement licenses.
We do recommend keeping your original receipts and adding your URS software to your insurance policy.
We can supply you with temporary license assets for products you have registered until your insurance policy re-imburses you for your loss.

How do I transfer licenses between my iLoks?.
To transfer licenses between your iLoks, go to this page, select the "Move licenses between iLoks in my account" option, and follow the instructions. You will be walked you through the process. Note that you can only transfer authorizations between iLoks synchronized to your own account

How do I transfer licenses to another user?
To transfer licenses to another user, go to this page, select the "Move licenses to another iLok.com user" option, and follow the instructions. Note that a fee will be charged for transferring licenses to other users.

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